inspiration + design


As you can see, WLB has recently received a digital facelift! We wanted to hop on here and share our inspiration with you and give you a little insight into why we have made these changes and what that means for White Lace. The bridal industry and trends are constantly changing and at White Lace Bridal we always striving to bring the newest and best trends to our local shop! We are hoping our new look can really help embrace our style and show all the WLB brides and future WLB brides what makes us special. 


Below you will see the style board that was created for our our new website and logo. We wanted our website to inspire our brides to shoot for the stars when it comes to their bridal vision, and to realize they can create that vision right here in Bismarck with WLB here to help you! 


Choosing inspiration...

We love how bridal inspiration, fashion, and trends can change as we continue to explore new things that inspire us. As we grow and change, it is expected that our look (or website in this case) will also change! We hope you love our new look as much as we do.